I just want to say how grateful I am to have met you and to have had the opportunity to take your class. I noticed a HUGE difference in my confidence and patient centered care immediately after the class. My first patient was Monday morning. I bolstered her up with way more pillows and she LOVED it. She even said how much of a difference it can make to have the slightest lift or wedge from the pillow. I noticed she was sighing and moaning in relaxation and also outwardly saying when the particular hold or stroke felt really nice, which she didn't do before. She is a very quiet woman and I could tell the open ended questions were allowing her to check in and steer the boat in a different way than when I was approaching her before. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! These teachings are priceless.

— Alexi H, Portland, OR 


This course was an incredible experience for me! Mary Aguilera-Titus is a very knowledgable teacher, which is matched by her genuine and compassionate spirit. I gained valuable knowledge, which increased my confidence in treating clients that have cancer. This course reaffirmed my belief in the power of gentle and lighter touch! I feel that taking this course has opened a new door for me, as I go forward in my path as a massage therapist. Thank you to both Mary and Gayle, for putting your hearts into this work and sharing it with us.

— Sabrina Janick, Halifax, Nova Scotia 


Everyone is so much more confident now! I did a guest call back the other day and she was so please with the care and attention that our Esthetician gave. I am just so happy that we included our Estheticians in on the training!!.

— Rachel Hardwicke, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 


Several times over the last week Iíve wanted to email you, but a pattern was developing and I decided to wait until the week was finished to see how it played out. I want you to know that what I learned in the course has informed every treatment Iíve done. Itís remarkable. On Monday night when I was fresh back to work supervising and instructing the massage students in Harperís clinic a client came in with lymphedema. She had come in many times before and I recalled that she usually coached the students to ďwork upĒ on her arm. But I hadnít given it much more thought. Good advice, of course, but now I know there is so much more to consider. When her treatment was over both client and student had learned how and why we treat her differently. Most importantly, though, was how powerful it was for me to explain, demonstrate, and put into practice what I had just learned. There were several other meaningful encounters throughout the week, both with and without cancer patients. With everyone I reconsidered my default pressure and really asked myself what I was trying to accomplish. All this to say that I so appreciate the training and, in particular, your stewardship of the process and the individual students. Thank you.

— Peggy Kelly, Illinois 


I need to tune in to the value of "less is more". I have a myth in my brain that believes more is more. Gayle, you provided me honest observations and feedback that is helping me with this. Thank you. Already this week, I feel much more balanced in my approach with my clients. And it is more balanced for both the therapist and the client. Thank you for your observations and teachings. I am Grateful

— Brigitte Cormier, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada 


I can't tell you how much I appreciated you, your assistants and the content of the class that you shared with us. I was able to put the work immediately into practice this week once I returned home. My client had nodes removed from the right upper quadrant - 12 years ago with lymphedema setting in 7 years later into her right arm. I did the massage in which the way you taught us and followed up the next day. She could not believe how much more energy she had and had a very restful night sleep. I have incorporated you work into my regular massage and the comments have been so positive.

— Roxanne, California 


This has been an eye-opening, wonderful experience for me!!! The chiropractor I work with is amazing and encouraging. He came to me today after I had a massage appt with a patient he was afterward and asked what I did differently from previous? I told him my approach was more gentle and encouraging to the central nervous system. He replied that his adjustment had gone better this time than any other : )

— Laura, Washington 


I've been practicing our client-centered communication and just laugh at how ineffective my old "Is this pressure ok?" style seems! After I got home from the class I had a new client with a rare disease (Castleman's) that forms benign tumors throughout the body. I felt so at ease working with him, whereas just the word "tumor" would have caused hesitation and a pulling back just a week ago.

— Ilyse, Colorado 


I'd like to briefly share with you how you influenced a "practice" massage I gave the other day. My receiver began to cry within the first 15 minutes of the massage, lifting her head out of the face cradle and relaying that there was so much tenderness and compassion in my touch and that she wasn't used to that. This happened because you gave permission to let go of an agenda, to be present with love.

— Andrea, Oregon 


You have inspired me to be a better person and to grow my heart. I have never been so sad, happy and invigorated at the same time and it still is buzzing in my veins, and I hope it stays that way for a loooong time.

— Karen, England 


Mary (Peifer), I want to thank you for the awesome class. I went in Tuesday knowing that I had the skills I needed. The nurses were visibly relieved that I wasn't going to burden them and appreciative that I was asking the right questions. I literally hit the floor running. I created my own intake form from the two that you had in class and the one in the text. I reviewed the treatment plan with the nurse, just like we did with you and this gave the nurses a lot of confidence in what was going on. It was such a success that at the end of the shift there was an open slot on the form turn-table in the unit station for my intake form so patients could sign up ahead of time. Today is day 2 and I feel blessed! I can't even imagine stepping into that environment without the training I received from you.

— Aline, Colorado 


This class was more than I expected. My personal goal was to absorb the operational aspects of the massage program at OHSU. As I learned the processes, I gained validation and confidence in the program I worked to create in my home town. My personal goal was achieved after the first two days. Then we started working on patients and my world turned upside down. I experienced far greater challenges as a therapist than I ever imagined. As I forced myself to move into the world of a student and to be a listener, I was reminded how much gentle, loving, intentional touch can change the receiver. It can take someone to places of happiness and to times that made them smile at life. It can take them to places where there is little to no pain and suffering in their bodies. It can take them to their nirvana. I had lost that in myself and I found it again at this class.

— Cheryl, Ohio 


It is so lovely to be part of a worldwide group of therapists with the same intention of providing practical and beneficial therapy with the highest standards of care and excellence. I was really surprised that after the first day I wasn't at all tired. Learning to slow down, release doubts and distractions, and how to do follow-up phone calls gives me the confidence to do something I always wanted to do, but didn't know how. I hadn't realised how much stress this caused me and affected my practice. Already I feel more relaxed and can completely concentrate on the client's needs. Now I am looking forward to offering versatile and gentle massage to support people when they may need it most. Thank you for all the incredible hard work you put in to give us this opportunity. I hope you also enjoyed your time with us…the fun and friendship, the laughs, the dreams and visions, the support, the moments of sadness, courage and strength. Friendships have been made this weekend and connections formed, and it will be nice to see how it continues and develops.

— Liz, Ireland