Mary Aguilera-Titus, LMT

Mary Aguilera-Titus, LMT, Mary Aguilera-Titus, BA, LMT, BCTMB has been in practice since 2002. She comes from a close knit family of seven, and when two of her sisters passed away in the summer of 2006 from breast cancer, the experience left an indelible mark and formed much of her approach and desire to support those living with cancer. Since 2009, Mary has worked at Suburban Hospital, in Bethesda, MD, which is affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine. She works on the Oncology Unit, and is a member of the Palliative Care team. In addition, she has a private practice where she works with a wide variety of people, in varying states of health. Prior to her career in massage therapy, Mary worked as a case manager in Washington State, providing support to young adults with developmental disabilities. She is a charter member of S4OM, and has served both on the Board as well as the current chair of the Education Committee.

Contact Maryl at: fullcircle.mat@gmail.com



Annette Lovett, RSCN (Ireland & U.K.), LMT, CMLDT

Annette Lovett, RSCN (Ireland & U.K), LMT, CMLDT, received her pediatric nursing degree in Ireland in 1987. She worked in Dublin briefly before moving to London where her work was focused in pediatric intensive care.  Annette gained her massage license in 2011 and maintains a small private practice in Portland with a focus on oncology massage and chronic illness. A graduate of the Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training, she works part-time at the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, Oregon, providing massage to in-patients on the bone marrow transplant unit and the med/surgical oncology floor. Annette teaches Massage for the Chemotherapy Infusion Patient and is co-teacher, with Gayle MacDonald, of Massage in the Oncology Setting. For the last five years, she has assisted Gayle in the U.S and Ireland with Massage for People Living with Cancer.

Contact Annette at: annettelovett.lmt@gmail.com


Cheryl Smith, LMT

Cheryl Smith, LMT, has been practicing therapeutic massage in Cincinnati, Ohio since 2007.   Her own experience with cancer led her to dedicate her career to working with individuals with cancer.  Her private practice offers comfort-oriented massage, Manual Lymph Drainage and Eastern Massage work.  Cheryl started the oncology massage program at The Christ Hospital Cancer Center in 2010. It includes hand and foot massage for patients during their chemotherapy infusions and for oncology inpatients.  She was co-investigator and LMT for three IRB research studies on massage therapy and oncology patients in both the outpatient and inpatient setting.  She has also co-authored a research manuscript that will be published in 2015.  She graduated from the Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training in November 2013 with a certification in oncology massage.  Prior to becoming a massage therapist Cheryl worked as a broadcast producer in advertising and direct marketing.

Contact Cheryl at: cherylsmith.massage@gmail.com