Oncology Massage Education Associate is a collaboration of massage instructors who specialize in working with and teaching about massage for people living with cancer. Our mission is to present trainings that give information and provide experience to professional massage therapists, advanced students of bodywork and allied health care professionals wishing to provide massage in a safe manner to clients or patients with a history of cancer treatment.

            If you’ve asked, "Where is my heart leading me?"

                  Or, heard that still, small voice within wondering, "What’s next?"

                        Or felt deep stirrings for a profoundly meaningful vocation—


We invite you to explore and learn who we are

and what we have to offer.


Oncology massage, the world over, is driven by touch therapists who feel called to this rewarding profession. They work with a deep and abiding devotion to the heart of the world. They hold joy and suffering and walk willingly with those who ask.

                        —Gayle MacDonald

                 Medicine Hands, 3rd Ed.