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Clinical Mentoring Through Case StudiesClinical Mentoring

Through Case Studies


24 CE Hours


Course Description: This class is designed to systematically mentor therapists who have completed Massage for People Living with Cancer as they take this work back into practice with their own clients who have been affected by cancer. Therapists will work in a group of other practitioners with one of the Oncology Massage Educations Associates instructors as mentor. Mentoring will take place through case history write-ups and group interactions, mostly via email and occasionally the telephone. Therapists will receive one-on-one coaching as well as mentoring through a group process. 



Course Objectives:

  • Increase clinical knowledge and skills needed for working with clients affected by cancer treatment.

  • Create community and gain support, encouragement and inspiration from a network of committed colleagues.
  • Assist therapists with ideas for creating relationships within their local oncology community.
  • Encourage the habit of self-reflection in one’s work.


  • Completion of Massage for People Living with Cancer (MPLWC)

  • Completion of a 500-hour massage program or the equivalent
  • Licensure or regulatory certificate
  • Professional liability insurance certificate
  • Regular access to email

Format  Distance learning

Required reading: Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer, (3rd Ed.) The entire book is recommended. For this course, chapters 3 - 13 are required.

Working with people living with cancer is complex. We require mentoring applicants to have completed a 500-hour program to insure that they have strong basic skills. If you believe you have the equivalent of a 500-hour massage program, please write to us at List the trainings that you have had and why you feel they are equivalent to a 500-hour core training program.

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