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Aromatherapy in End of Life Care<

Aromatherapy in End of Life Care

A One-Day Course Exploring
Supportive Essential Oils


8 CE Hours


Course Description: This eight-hour class is designed especially for healthcare professionals who work with clients in a palliative or hospice care setting, or privately, and wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in the use of aromatherapy in end of life care. The day will be spent exploring specific, beneficial essential oils, their therapeutic properties, safety concerns, assessment skills, blending dilutions and hands-on activities of preparations for personal and/or professional use.

    Learning Objectives:
           Participants will:

    • List ten specific essential oils useful in end of life care

    • Discuss key safety considerations in essential oil use

    • State the process of essential oil manufacturing

    • List oils that are photo-toxic

    • Discuss the importance of essential oil data sheets

    • Identify key results of a GCMS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) report

    • List the emotional qualities of each oil

    • Perform drop-by-drop blending techniques

    Learning Outcomes:
           Participants will:

    • Interpret an essential oil datasheetC

    • Demonstrate proper, safe dilutions of blends

    • State the therapeutic benefits of the “Top Ten” oils for end of life care

    • Create five therapeutic blends supportive to end of life clients

Enrollment Requirements: Prefer those with an interest or experience in working with seriously ill people and/or background in aromatherapy who wish to work with this special patient population

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