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Client-centered Communications

Ethics, Boundaries and Communication in Massage Therapy ó

A Continuing Education Series

Client-centered Communication in Massage Therapy


4 CE Hours


Course Description: The ethical role of a massage therapist is not to cure or fix people, but to create a climate that empowers clients to fully participate in their own therapeutic process and healing. The therapistís job during a session is to act as a guide and facilitator, working in conjunction with clients. However, the clients must make the journey for themselves.

Client-centered communication is important in establishing such an atmosphere. One aspect of being client-centered is to teach people to engage in an open-ended way. This style of communication can be used in all parts of the massage session from gathering health information, to gaining feedback during bodywork, to assisting in awareness and finally in the follow-up process. Shifting from close-ended to open-ended dialogue creates a holistic relationship rather than a linear one.

Client-centered Communication in Massage Therapy is a continuing education class designed to encourage practitioners to reflect on their professional role, to show therapists the benefits of this communication style and to assist them in developing their own verbal skills with clients. The class is highly practical in nature. The instructor will demonstrate the use of open-ended communication as it applies to various aspects of the bodywork session and participants will have ample time to interact and practice


Enrollment Requirements: This class is designed for professional massage therapists, but it is also open to groups of non-licensed bodyworkers, such as Reiki practitioners.

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